Snow Valley Tulip - Pack of 10

Snow Valley Tulip - Pack of 10

A Master of Disguise!

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Such fun! This is a fringed or crispa tulip, beautifully formed and perfectly colored for a new surprise every few days during its bloomtime. Snow Valley is one of our most exciting new bulbs for fall planting, and we think you will find many uses for it in garden and container.

Blooming in mid- to late tulip season (mid-spring in most climates), Snow Valley has an egg-shaped bud of pale green, giving little hint of the colors in store. As it opens, the green gives way to winter white, but a flame of lime-green remains running up the center of the petals. As if this weren't enough, the edge of each petal is neatly serrated, very fine and even. Lovely!

Within a few days of the flowers opening, you will begin to notice that the fringed tips are changing. First they acquire a pink blush, then deepen to rosy red. Lipstick-thin and so elegant, they outline the flower perfectly, and keep their new color for the remainder of their bloomtime.

Snow Valley is a standout in any setting, and you should definitely grow several in the cutting garden, just to give your indoor flower arrangements a surprise pop of color and texture. The overall white color of the petals complements absolutely every other color in garden or vase, so you can't go wrong scattering this tulip among other spring-blooming bulbs, early perennials, and even spring-blooming shrubs in the garden!

Expect Snow Valley to reach about 18 inches high. It is a trouble-free plant, best in light, even sandy soil in full sun everywhere but the south and west (where it appreciates a little shade). Above its zone 7 hardiness limit, it can be grown as an annual. You will love how useful (not to mention beautiful!) it is in the garden and in your best vases! Zones 3-7. Pack of 10.