Petite Brilliant White Blooms!

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Galanthus nivalis is Latin for "Snowy Milk Flower," and though we might call it Snowdrop for short, its original name is certainly accurate! Few things are quite as pure white as the delicate blooms of this bulbous perennial.

Growing only 6 to 9 inches tall, this joyful harbinger of spring makes up for its lack of height with its heartfelt floral performance. The blossoms are pristine white with a dashes of bright green for welcome contrast. The peculiar shape of its blossoms only adds to its charms, with its 3 longer petals giving the flower a parachute look. These little propellers make a very fine sight ringing the bottom of deciduous trees, which is their favorite place to grow because of the perfect balance of sun and shade.

Much like Crocus, this early riser just can't wait for spring and can be seen poking out of the cold winter ground and blooming even through the snow! Deer resistant and untroubled by diseases, this plant likes well-drained soil and prefers cooler climates. Plant this bulb in huge numbers and greet spring in style every year! Zones 3-8.