Support Your Plants Gently (and Invisibly)!

Soft Foam Plant Twist Ties

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Long-lasting and reusable!

Just cut off the length you need and twist into shape.
Beloved by florists for years, this clever "soft and gentle" wire is now available to home gardeners. It's durable, re-usable, bend-into-any-shape-you-want wire wrapped in green plastic foam, so that it won't cut or break stems. Perfect indoors or out, it lets you shape and support your plants exactly the way you'd wish -- then "disappears" into green foliage!

Each coil contains 32? feet of wire. Use wire cutters to cut exactly the length you want, then support your tomatoes, thread Clematis through fences and around pillars and mailboxes, give your Asters a heads-up, or even hold cutflowers in position in your favorite vase! The possibilities are endless, and this is one of those items that will quickly migrate to all areas of the home and garden, because it's just so durable and easy!

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Plant Supports, Tomato aids
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