Tie Plants Securely Without Damaging the Stems!

Soft Twist Tie™

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Great for tomatoes, clematis, and even roses!

Heavy-duty wire wrapped in cushiony rubber is the perfect blend of strength and softness.

No more strangled stems from too-tight wire ties or collapsed plants from weak ties! Soft Twist Tie™ is exactly what its name promises: a spongy green tie that is super-gentle on your plants. But what the name doesn't reveal is that within each plump tie is a core of heavy-duty flexible wire that is strong enough even to support heavy rose canes, and can be re-used almost endlessly!

This packet contains 16 feet of sturdy, reliable wire. Cut it with your garden shears to desired length, then carefully twist it securely around the plant stem and its support. The green color blends easily into the plant, yet the wire is large enough to handle easily and be seen when it's time to remove it. So simple, so easy to use!

We have used many types of ties on our plants here in the trial gardens, and we recommend Soft Twist Tie™ above all others. There is no better way to ensure that your plant is protected and secure without any stress to the stem. Try a packet this season . . . we can almost guarantee you'll be back for more! 16 feet.

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16 ft
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Plant Supports, Tomato aids, Trellises
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