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Soil Moist™ Organic Blend
Beneficial Bacteria that Improve Your Soil for Healthier Plants!

Soil Moist™ Organic Blend

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Slow-release Water and Nutrients for Healthy Plants!

These granules absorb water, then release it into the soil as it dries out.
Looking for a great organic alternative to traditional soil building formulas? From the makers of Soil Moist comes this superb organic blend of beneficial bacteria PLUS water-absorbing polymers that the slow-release watering system that reduces the amount of time you have to spend adding moisture to your plants BY ONE-HALF for up to an incredible 5 years! The Organic Blend brings you all the goodness of Soil Moist™, plus all-natural bacteria that help build the soil and grow healthier plants.

If you've got poorly draining, compacted soil, or if you have certain plants that never seem to get enough water during the hottest, driest times of the year, Soil Moist™ Organic Blend is what you've been looking for. These eco-friendly polymers absorb large quantities of water and then release it slowly, along with beneficial bacteria, into the soil as it dries out, reducing compaction and cutting your watering time in half. No need to keep tracking of feeding schedules -- these granules last an entire season for bacteria, and 3 to 5 years for water absorption and release!

Soil Moist™Organic Blend is especially useful for indoor or outdoor container plants. If you're going on vacation, work it into the soil of your potted plants, and they'll remain moist twice as long. It's also great for those hard-to-water places in the garden that suffer during dry spells, and for newly transplanted seedlings, shrubs, and trees. You can't over-water or over-feed when you use it! And It's long-lasting, economical, and easy to use. Give it a try this season and we're convinced you'll make it part of your regular planting process from now on! 8-oz. jar.

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