Solar Flare Echinacea

Solar Flare Echinacea

Fragrant Blooms of Radiant Red!

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Anyone comparing this thrilling Echinacea to the plain old species would be hard pressed to recognize the flowers! Not only is Solar Flare bright red, it is also sweetly fragrant. And its wide-open, daisy-shaped blooms reach 5 to 6 inches across!

Coneflower has never looked better than in this exciting cultivar. The flowers have slender, outstretched petals of rich red around a very large, handsome dark brown cone. (If you like dried flower arrangements, be sure to let the petals fall from these cones in autumn and then cut them for the vase!) Of course butterflies and bees go crazy for the cones in summer, and songbirds peck out their seeds in fall.

Solar Flare is part of the Big Sky™ series from master breeder Richard Saul. Over the years we have introduced many of Mr. Saul's perennials, and we have always found them to be vigorous, dependable, and simply gorgeous. You can trust the heritage of this Echinacea to be top-notch!

And Solar Flare is big on flowers, short on foliage. It reaches just 3 feet tall in full bloom, with a dense, nicely branched habit that won't get floppy or sprawl over at season's end. The blooms begin opening when the hot summer weather arrives, and they will continue right into fall in some climates. No doubt about it -- this one's a workhorse!

Give this Echinacea well-drained soil in full sunshine, and pamper it with amendments and plenty of water the first season to help it get established. After that, it is just as adaptable to stress as its ancestor, the humble purple coneflower! Heat, humidity, drought, poor soil, cold winter -- it's all grist for Solar Flare's mill! Enjoy this native beauty in its latest designer looks! Zones 4-8.