Sorbus Wreath

Sorbus Wreath

Holiday Finery that Lasts Year Round!

24 inches Green
Item # 39462

Faux ornamental greenery is becoming increasingly popular, and it's no mystery why. For people with allergies, it comes as a godsend. For all of us who have too much to do already around the holidays, maintenance-free decor is a huge plus. And when it can look as good as this wreath that mimics the look of the rowan tree, it's simply a must-have!

This 24-inch wreath is supported by a metal O ring upon which faux twigs, foliage, and berries are entwined. The look is modeled after the Sorbus tree, otherwise known as rowan or mountain ash. Soft olive-green coloring and large sprays of faux lime-green berries perfectly mimic the look of a wild Sorbus tree, bringing the beauty of the natural world into your holiday home without the downsides of allergens, drying-out leaves, and dust.

Use the wreath to decorate your door, mantel, or wall -- or lie it flat and use it as the base for a hanging plant or other seasonal display! Tough and durable, this faux botanical will last season after season, in a variety of uses, and is simple to store.

The Sorbus Wreath makes a fine gift, especially for the office or for friends who are not at home for the holidays -- because it is not actual greenery, it can be displayed in most hospital rooms and other settings. And the pleasure that it gives -- the reminder of the beautiful winter woods! -- will last far beyond the holidays. Order it today, and make the season brighter for someone special (especially if that someone is you!).