Frame Your Raised Beds in Minutes!

Space-Saver Garden Corner Joints

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Just slide your 2-by-6 planks into place and presto! Instant landscaping!

Anchors into the soil and flexes to any angle!

Ready to create a raised bed? Forget all that backbreaking double-digging and back-filling -- just slip your 2-by-6 planks into these garden corners, fill with soil, and you're on your way! Designed with flexible hinged joints to enable you to build at any angle, these tough-as-nails joiners are just what you need for quick, successful, long-lasting beds and accent plantings!

Sold as a set of 2 complete with fastening screws, these garden corners are made of high-impact, heat-resistant ABS plastic. Each has a stake at the joint, so that they can be stacked (stake-in-stake) as high as you want your raised bed to go. Very long-lasting, these garden corners allow you to create beds of any design and angle. For that matter, they'd make great corners for sandboxes, edging along the path or driveway, and more -- but they're especially valuable for garden designs because they are so versatile and weather tough.

Assembling easily and endlessly re-usable, garden corners enable you to create beds in exactly the size and shape you want, for the garden of your dreams! Stock up today. Set of 2.

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