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Spear & Jackson Digging Fork

Item # 33824
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Our large digging fork is made of carbon-forged steel with a split-ash handle.

This British tool is solid-forged from a single piece of steel.
Have you heard of the famous British "neverbend" garden tools from Spear & Jackson? We are honored to offer them this season, for there are simply no better in the world! This digging fork will last you for decades, and feel good every time you use it. Forged steel, ashwood, and weatherproofing all add up to an incredibly powerful and easy to use garden tool.

The wide-tined fork stands 43 inches high -- the shaft is 30 inches, while the head is 11 inches long and 7 inches wide. Use it to fluff up mulch, aerate the soil while working in compost or other organics, pull out vines and roots, and more!

This digging fork means business with a long steel shaft and four thick, sturdy tines angled straight down. No wobbling or warping here! This tool gets the job done, and you'll love how easy it is to handle and how effective a tool this fork really is for a wide range of garden chores.

The head is composed of forged-carbon steel -- solid-forged, from a single piece of steel, so there are no weak point or bumpy welds to contend with. Into the top of the shaft is fitted a split-ash handle, weatherproofed with a hammer-finished epoxy coating that stands up effortlessly to rust, humidity, and soil alkalis. Season after season, your Spear & Jackson digging fork will stand up to the toughest garden challenges!

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AdditionalCharacteristics Garden Tools
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Restrictions Canada, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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