Speedy Mix Geranium Seeds

Speedy Mix Geranium Seeds

Trails Nearly 4 Feet!

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If you have a windowbox to spare, a hanging basket in need of some billowy color, or a tall flowerpot that you would like to transform into a fountain of soft beauty, Speedy Mix is just the plant you're looking for! Easy to start from seed, quick-growing, and very well-branched, it produces an armload of big blooms in white, pink, lilac, and violet in no time flat!

This is an ivy-leafed Pelargonium, its foliage as handsome as its flowers. It wastes no time in taking off, eventually reaching about 14 inches high and spreading (or, more likely, trailing!) 45 or so inches long. Every bit is covered in big, rounded flowerheads. So colorful and yet so simple!

And such lovely flowers these are! The mix contains white, pink, lilac, and violet, a lovely combination when planted together in a large container, yet each beautiful enough to stand on its own. The ivy-shaped foliage of fresh green makes a lovely backdrop for the blooms, which begin in early to midsummer and continue into fall in many climates.

Like all Pelargoniums, Speedy MIx is quite easy to root from cuttings, so you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite trailer when the season changes! Root this annual and grow it as a houseplant or glasshouse subject over winter, then set it out again when the weather warms up in spring.

If you were a fan of Summer Showers, the old mix no longer available, you will love Speedy Mix. And if you're new to trailing ivy leaf Geraniums, welcome to one of the best plants for flowerpot, hanging basket, and windowbox! 5 seeds per packet.