Spiral Sunflower Feeder

Spiral Sunflower Feeder

Most Seed Ports of Any Feeder!

Item # 37774

Like the rest of us, birds appreciate their own space. A crowded tray or trough feeder tends to favor the aggressive birds, leaving the smaller and more timid species to forage elsewhere. And that is why we love this tube feeder made of recycled materials: it feeds a crowd, but every bird gets his or her own perch right in front of a personal feeding port! It's gourmet dining, avian style!

The Spiral Sunflower Feeder has a long polycarbonate tube that is UV-stabilized, so it won't yellow, crack, or warp. And the spiral wire perches wind around it beautifully, creating the perfect "dining area" for birds to feast at the multiple feeding ports.

Although the Spiral Sunflower Feeder has more feeding ports than any other tube feeder we have seen, it never seems crowded, thanks to the innovative spiral design -- which was so different from older styles, it was patented! This is a feeder where every bird can find its own place, and where territorial disputes are minimal.

And this feeder is super-easy to refill and clean, thanks to its flip n' fill feature that allows you to fill it from either end. So instead of trying to scrape old seed and debris from the base of the feeder, you just pop it open and clean it out! Done in seconds, and ready for fresh food.

The Spiral Sunflower Feeder measures 18 inches long and 6¾ inches in diameter. It hangs from any branch or hook, with a very sturdy, chew-proof metal top, spiral perch, and base. Find a special place to hang it where you can enjoy your favorite backyard birds at close range!