Squirrel Defeater Birdfeeder

Squirrel Defeater Birdfeeder

Feed the Birds, Not the Rodents!

Item # 37730
Squirrels are nature's acrobats, especialy when it comes to birdfeeders. We've all seen them defying the laws of science to reach seed ports. And while most of us are sympathetic, squirrels simply waste too much of our birdseed and keep the desirable songbirds away from the feeder. Grackles, starlings, and other big bully birds do the same thing. It's time to have a place just for the smaller songbirds we actually want to bring into the garden!

And that's where the Squirrel Defeater comes in. We know -- squirrels seem able to outwit any birdfeeder in the world. But this one is the best we've ever used, possibly because it employs two different ways to keep those daredevils at bay. The baffle at the top of the feeder means that squirrels must jump down to the feeding perch to reach the food. No problem -- but the feeding perch is weight-controlled, so it simply collapses when the heavy squirrel reaches it. (Then it springs back into place when the weight is gone.) Ha! Foiled!

Each perch is spring-loaded, with strong carbon-steel springs that hold up for many years of heavy use. The baffle at the top is wide and slick, defeating the squirrel's attempt to shimmy down the cylinder of birdseed. The entire feeder is UV protected, chew-proof, and very weather-tough, easy to refill and to clean when needed. It hangs from any branch or hook, just waiting to nourish those desirable songbirds who gobble up unwelcome insects on our plants!

The Squirrel Defeater holds 1.1 quarts of mixed birdseed, and stands 16 inches high. At its widest point, it is 7 inches across. Start feeding your feathered friends this season, and don't be surprised if they decide to nest in your garden this year!

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