Stainless Steel Edging Knife

Stainless Steel Edging Knife

Sturdy construction and top-grade materials.

Item # 36117
This edging knife is a classic Joseph Bentley tool, composed of stainless steel and FSC certified wood, and certain to last countless seasons in the garden.

At 35 inches high, this edging knife is a bit taller than others, with a generous and very sharp blade 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The handle forms a T at the top, suitable for pressing evenly down on the blade. Weighing just 2 pounds, it is lighter than many tools, yet also stronger, with generous treadles at the top of the blade for applying extra pressure.

The edging knife is ideal for creating sharp, neat edges in the border, bed, vegetable patch, parterre, and other garden spot. The blade slices into the soil straight and true, making your plantings look more formal and well maintained than ever before. If you would like to slip a plastic or wooden edging into the soil around a garden area, this is the tool to use to define the spot and loosen the soil. It is also ideal for knot gardens and other patterns, creating razor-sharp, thin edges.

The blade and shaft of the edging knife are composed of durable stainless steel, joined to a wooden handle that bears the signature laser-etched Joseph Bentley badge. Designed for many seasons of hard wear, this tool is certain to become one of your favorites.