Stainless Steel Hand-held Daisy Grubber

Stainless Steel Hand-held Daisy Grubber

Pull Weeds Out by the Roots!

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The design of this garden tool is so ingenious! The forked point of polished stainless steel grabs a taproot at the base and secures it, while the wider, curved shaft above twists into the soil so you dig deep instead of wide. The result? You can burrow down with laser accuracy and rip out that troublesome weed at its base, instead of merely cutting off the top growth and watching it spread a little more each time it grows back!

The daisy grubber has become the favorite tool of the gardeners in our trial gardens. It's just so precise -- you get just the root you want, without disturbing nearby plants. And it digs deep -- at 17⅓ inches long, this is one tool that can travel far down into the soil to remove troublesome weeds at their source.

Of course, the daisy grubber is also useful for drilling deep, slender holes in the soil, such as are used to set bamboo stakes and other supports. It's ideal for reaching down through the dense branches of a shrub and plucking out a sucker or other volunteers without harming any of the foliage. The polished stainless steel keeps soil from adhering to it as it is withdrawn, so you get a very tiny hole that fills in with the first watering. Nice!

The daisy grubber is constructed of ultra-durable polished steel and FSC certified oak, with a contoured handle that's easy to grip and very comfortable. It even includes a leather carry strap, perfect for hanging it from your garden belt or above the potting bench. There's just no substitute for quality, and you will find this to be one of your finest as well as your favorite garden tools. Add it to your wheelbarrow this season! 1 lb.