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36125.jpgStainless Steel Hand-held Potting Scoop

Stainless Steel Hand-held Potting Scoop

Item # 36125
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Certain to last a lifetime in the garden and on the potting bench!

This deep, high-sided scoop from Joseph Bentley gets the job done.
How much potting soil winds up on the floor of the shed or patio when you pot up spring annuals, transplant perennials, freshen up the top layer of your big tubs, and fill your baskets and windowboxes? If you're like us, the answer is simple: TOO MUCH. If you're using a trowel, hand spade, or other shaped and pointed garden tool to move potting soil, compost, mulch, and other soil compounds around, chances are you're spilling a great deal. Maybe it's time to do the job right with a tool specifically designed for it: the potting scoop from Joseph Bentley.

Constructed of polished stainless steel and contoured oak, this tool is as beautiful and well-made as it is useful. The scoop is deep, with high sloped sides that capture the soil and keep it from spilling over. 6 inches long and 4⅓ inches wide, it holds a lot of soil -- and keeps it secure until you're ready to pour it into your container or garden plot.

The steel scoop is polished to prevent the soil from adhering to the sides, and is attached to a cranked handle of FSC certified oak. This certification means that the wood was harvested responsibly, so you can feel good about your purchase. The entire tool measures 15¾ inches long, a handy size for dealing with high windowboxes and deep containers. There is even a leather carrying strap, so you can slip the scoop onto your tool belt or hang it on the potting bench.

The potting scoop is from (who else?) Joseph Bentley, source of quality garden tools since 1895. You will find its craftsmanship impeccable, its design pleasing and efficient, and its durability amazing. Make it part of your gardening toolbox this season, and enjoy it for a lifetime. 1 lb.

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