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Stainless Steel Midi Hand Fork (18-inch handle)
This "Midi" Length Weeder is Easy on Your Back!
36128.jpgStainless Steel Midi Hand Fork (18-inch handle)

Stainless Steel Midi Hand Fork (18-inch handle)

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It weeds, lifts, turns, and aerates the soil and mulch for you.

This fine garden tool is made from stainless steel and hardwood.
Rake, lift, turn, and furrow soil with this top-quality weeding fork from Joseph Bentley. Designed with ultra-strong stainless-steel tines and an extra-long handle to reach difficult spots in the border (and to cover more ground without you having to move!), the "midi" hand fork is perfect for all your routine garden maintenance chores!

Whether you use it to comb through soil and remove stray weeds, old rootballs, and other impediments, or perhaps simply turn and fluff up mulch midseason so it won't become compacted, the midi hand fork is the right tool for the job. The tines are about 4 inches long and pointed, so they can pierce tough soil and stab stubborn weeds and roots to assist in the removal process. The fork is slightly more than 3 inches wide at the business end, and the steel is polished to keep soil from adhering to it.

The tines and steel shaft are smoothly attached to a long 18-inch handle made of contoured oak. This hardwood is FSC certified, so you know it was sustainably harvested. And the design is just right for gripping -- smooth enough that you don't have to reach for the gloves, yet strong enough that you can tackle even very stubborn garden problems.

The midi hand fork reaches 26 inches long, and includes a leather strap for carrying it on your belt, looping it over a handle of the wheelbarrow, and hanging it above the potting bench. Absolutely top-notch, it is a tool you'll treasure for countless seasons. Efficient, top-quality, and attractive, this popular tool has tended many of the world's finest gardens. Let them help you tend for yours, too! 1 lb.

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