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Depth Guide on the Blade for increased precision.

Stainless Steel Short-handled Bulb Planter

Item # 36132
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Great for planting seedlings, potting, and digging.

Makes planting bulbs as easy as dig, drop, done!
Take the guesswork out of planting your bulbs -- and get the job done in record time with a minimum of strain on your back and wrist! -- with this bulb planting tool from the respected designers at Joseph Bentley. Marked with planting depths to 4 inches, it twists neatly into the soil, so when you withdraw it you bring up a plug of soil. Simply drop the bulb in, replace the soil, and move on to the next spot! It's great for planting seedlings and small potted plants as well.

The serrated base of this polished stainless-steel tool makes slicing into the soil easy, while the planting guide keeps the depth uniform for large plantings and different types of bulbs. As you sink the planter into the soil, a twisting motion lifts the soil effortlessly into the interior of the steel cone. Put the bulb in and then tap the edge of the tool against the side of the hole. The soil drops neatly back in place, thanks to the smooth polished steel that keeps soil adherence to a minimum.

Another advantage of the bulb planter is its ability to dig a hole without disrupting nearby plants or roots. You get just the space you want, without extra labor or backfill. So much easier than using a trowel or shovel!

The coring tube measures about 6 inches long, while the entire planter is 9½ inches high. It hangs from the handle for easy storage. And that handle is smooth oak for a good grip! This garden tool is beautifully constructed from base to tip!

The serrated blade, clearly marked with planting depths to 4 inches, the sturdy shaft, and the FSC certified oak handle are all top quality. Very few modern tools offer this level of workmanship and durability.Treat yourself or your favorite gardening friend to this superior bulb planter! 1½ lbs. Top Diameter: 2.5" Bottom Diameter: 2.25

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