Star™ Superstar Dianthus

Star™ Superstar Dianthus

Spicy Fragrance and Nonstop Color!

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Let this bright pink Dianthus transform the border or patio all summer long with rich color and bold, spicy scent!

Part of the Superstar® series of compact, free-flowering, ultra-fragrant Garden Pinks developed by British gardener John Whetman, Star™ is a magnificent perennial for any sunny setting. The flowers are single, packed with neatly "pinked" (serrated) petals that combine a white base with pink and red accents. Fabulous for buttonholes and nosegays, they last a long time on the plant, releasing their strong clove-like aroma to share with neighboring plants. You will smell this Dianthus before you see it!

And despite its neat, petite appearance, Star™ is quite tough. It is very drought resistant, continuing to bloom as long as the weather is warm. The needle-like leaves have a blue hue and keep their fresh erect posture all season, refusing to droop even when the weather becomes unseasonably hot or humid.

Grow Star™ in full sun and well-drained, enriched soil. In the border, space the plants about 8 inches apart, and give them extra water and food the first season as they find their feet in your landscape. A lovely container choice, they play well with others, sharing their rich scent and offering nice color and texture contrast with their slender, spiky foliage. Best in alkaline soil. Zones 5-9.