Starburst Mountain Laurel

Starburst Mountain Laurel

Brilliant Picotee Blooms and Evergreen Habit!

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Starburst is a magnificent selection of the native Mountain Laurel, a heavily-blooming shrub with brilliant white-edged ("picotee") flowers of deep red to burgundy. Arising in big bouquets all over this plant, the flowers are a stunning sight in late spring and early summer.

Best in sun to part shade (in the wild, Kalmia latifolia is found in woodland settings), this shrub reaches 5 feet high and about 6 feet wide, evergreen and very densely branched. It sets flowers right down to the ground, utterly transforming itself (and the garden around it!) for several weeks, then keeping its rich green tones year-round.

Easy to grow in acidic soil with regular watering and a mulch for added protection, Starburst will thrive for decades. Do make this native beauty part of your landscape! Zones 5-8.