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Sticky Traps Collection

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Conquers aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, leafminers, carrot rust flies, moths, thrips and more!

These tags slide easily into the soil beside your houseplants and container plants, luring destructive insects to their doom!
Don't spray harmful chemicals around your garden or in your home -- get rid of destructive insects the easy way with these "sticky goo" tags! These sticky traps are effective, entirely safe, and simple to use! Collection contains 1 set of small traps and 1 set of large traps.

This collection is a $9.90 Value!
Item Form Accessories
Additional Characteristics Indoor Growing, Seedling Protection, Tools
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Must have!
Brian Ashley from OH wrote (January 24, 2013):
I used these last year thinking they would only last a week, but was amazed how well they worked. Even at the end of the growing season they were still sticky and accumulating bugs. Rain seemed to have no effect on them, when the sun came out the glue got sticky again. I found they work best around short growing vegetables. I had very little lettuce damage last year and I contribute that to this product.
Insects Vanqished
Fast Phil from WI wrote (January 07, 2013):
When starting seedlings early I used to struggle with white flies and other flying insects because sprays never eliminated the problem. But once I hung several of the Yellow Sticky Insects sheets in the plant growing area the insect colony NEVER developed. Great product and it is easy to use. By season's end those sheets were a dull gray black with all the deceased insects. Would recommend it to any and all gardeners who start seeds early.
These things are Fantastic!
Jan Ray from OH wrote (December 25, 2012):
I was making my own sticky traps from cardboard, bright yellow paint and Tanglefoot (trademark), a very sticky product. I saw similar traps at a local nursery, but they were cut far too small and were pricey for just three of them. Then I saw these A big pack of them at a great price! The sizes were perfect! I ordered them without hesitation; from my seed orders in the past I knew that they would be as advertised. The only quibble is that the "sticky" is not quite as sticky as Tanglefoot is; but given how nasty Tanglefoot smells, and how hard it is to wash off, these traps are the better option. I am reordering, this is a great product for people with a lot of houseplants!