An $11.90 Value! Stop Harmful Insects from Eating Your Plants!" />
Sticky Traps Collection

Sticky Traps Collection

Conquers Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, and More!

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Don't spray harmful chemicals around your garden or in your home -- get rid of destructive insects the easy way with these "sticky goo" tags! These sticky traps are effective, entirely safe, and simple to use! And with this collection of both the small and large sizes, you get 24 total sticky traps, guaranteed to keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy and free from flying pests!

Many insects that prey on plants are attracted to the color yellow, so these tags are bright yellow, certain to attract any or all of the following destructive insects:


fungus gnats



carrot rust flies

gypsy moths


. . . and many more!

We use these tags in our greenhouses here at Park, so we can personally vouch for their effectiveness. And there's no odor, no potential for noxious chemicals in the air, soil, or water, and no muss! Economical, too!

This collection contains both sizes of sticky traps. Use the smaller (7 inches long, 2 inches wide) size by mounting the strip onto a popsicle stick, plastic knife, stick, or other vertical support. (The back of the sticky trap contains an adhesive.) Or push the trap right into the soil of your containers, seed flats, etc. You get 15 small sticky traps.

The larger size measures 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, and includes 3 11-inch-high wire stakes, so that you can mount them into the soil of deep containers or the garden. The stakes last forever, and stand up well to wind, irrigation, and other environmental stressors. In this collection you get 9 large sticky traps.

Protect your plants without odorous fumes and harmful chemicals. Rely on economical, effective yellow sticky traps!

This collection is an $11.90 Value!