Stainless-steel "teeth" can be used in a circular or vertical cutting pattern

Strawberry/Tomato Core It

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Cores and Hulls Your Fruit Easily!

Put Away that Knife and Get the Job Done Fast!
When your bushel baskets are overflowing with fresh-picked strawberries and the tomatoes just keep coming off the vine, it's time to get the crop prepared for freezing, canning, or fresh eating. To do this, you could use an old-fashioned paring knife to remove the stems, or you could save yourself time and aggravation by using the Strawberry/Tomato Core It!

This little gadget combines tough, stainless-steel "teeth" arranged in a bowl shape with a comfortable, easy-grip heavy-duty plastic handle. Bright red (so it stands out in the utensil drawer!) and nearly 5 inches long, it's comfy to use and very efficient. Slide the teeth under the stem scar on your tomatoes, swivel the blades, and lift the top out neatly. Dip it beneath the rosette of leaves at the top of your strawberries and pull out the core perfectly every time. So simple, and you don't end up cutting off too much of the fruit trying to get the core and/or top removed.

The Core It is made by our friends at Norpro, and has proven very durable and dependable under repeated heavy use. We recommend hand-washing it to prolong the sharpness of the blades, but other than that, there is no special care required. Just have it on hand for neatly trimming your fruits and vegetables as they ripen in the garden. You'll love the results!

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