Striped Sunflower Seed

Striped Sunflower Seed

Premium Nutrition for Larger Backyard Birds!

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Larger and more challenging for birds to open than black oil sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds are the food of choice for many larger species, from woodpeckers to cardinals and jays. By offering this exclusively at a separate feeder, you can keep the larger species together in one area, freeing up other feeders for smaller songbirds.

Striped sunflower seeds are the variety we humans enjoy, but this birdseed bag contains only untreated, cleaned seed, with none of the additives found in sunflower seeds marketed for humans. Highly sought by many birds, sunflower seeds are often the first to get eaten, and you can see birds shoving smaller seeds aside in favor of the sunflowers when given a birdseed mixture. Why not simply give them what they want -- the high protein and satisfying bite of striped sunflower?!

These seeds are packed with the protein that birds need for their high-energy lives. During winter, this can be difficult for them to find, so it is especially important to offer striped sunflower seeds during this season. But why not make it a year-round feeding station, so birds know they can safely nest in your garden and make it their home?

Striped sunflower seeds come in a 5-pound bag with no filler or additives. Your backyard friends will thank you for this nutritious snack! 5 lbs.