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The Sweetest Cherry Yet!

Sugary Tomato Plant

Pack of 6
Item # 80018-PK-6D
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This 2005 AAS Winner has a super-high sugar content and fascinating new shape!

So bountiful that you may have to prune the plant back in mid-season!

Indeterminate. Many Cherry Tomatoes look great but taste like nothing, while others are flavorful but don't have the big, steady yields we all love. Well, award-winning Sugary has it all -- super-sweet flavor, a fun new shape, and huge, huge yields on plants that just keep growing up and up all season!

Scoring a full 9.5 on the Brix scale of sugar content, these delicious little 1/2-ounce dark pink fruits are packed with sweetness. Even children who won't go near other Tomatoes may be lured by the interesting new shape -- the fruit is pointed on both ends, as if a regular Cherry Tomato had been stretched out -- to give Sugary a bite. Once they do, they'll be converts! There is simply no sweeter, more delectable Cherry Tomato in the world!

And you'll get plenty of chance to enjoy Sugary's goodness, because this plant is absolutely unstoppable. It sets huge clusters of fruit all season long, and grows so vigorously that you may have to cut it back in midseason just to keep it within bounds! Never fear -- it will keep bearing like crazy!

Set plants 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart.

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Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Sugary
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
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