Summerific® Cherry Cheesecake Hibiscus

Summerific® Cherry Cheesecake Hibiscus

This native perennial is widely adapted and so easy to grow!

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What did we ever do before the Summerific® series came along? These Rose Mallows are compact but extremely large blooming, boasting the largest blooms of any perennial! New 'Cherry Cheesecake' and its friends 'Cranberry Crush,' 'Summer Storm,' and 'Berrylicious' represent a completely new era for Hibiscus hybrids, and you will never want to look back! After all, when you get a plant with an entirely new way of setting its blooms, that's really a garden event!

The Summerific® series of Rose Mallows are Proven Winners®, which means exactly what it sounds like. These high-performing varieties have been thoroughly tested in trial gardens all around the world, and their health, vigor, and beauty have proven unparalleled!

Older Rose Mallow varieties set their flowers on the end of stems, but the Summerifics® bloom all along the stem, giving you many, many more flowers! And such blooms they are -- 'Cherry Cheesecake' stretches the boundaries of belief with enormous 7- to 8-inch flowers of creamy white and red, the wide petals overlapping freely and showing delightful "crinkly" creases. Hummingbirds go nuts over these blooms . . . and so will you! No wonder Better Homes and Gardens named this a Top Sun-Loving Perennial for 2014!

The other special feature of the Summerifics® is their compact habit. 'Cherry Cheesecake' is just 4½ to 5 feet high and wide, meaning you can put it in the foundation, along the driveway, in that tight space at the corner of the house, or even in a big tub on the patio! It sports dark green foliage, which in cooler weather becomes tinged with burgundy. What a gorgeous plant!

It's a pleasure to be able to integrate this native perennial into today's smaller garden spaces, and to enjoy so many, many more blooms than before! Rose Mallow is a native perennial that loves lots of sunshine and good soil drainage. it's not a drought-tolerant plant -- oh, it will probably survive, but it won't thrive and bloom its best unless given consistent moisture. (Think Hydrangea when assessing its watering needs.) But it does tolerate poor soil, clay, sand, humidity, and many other stresses. Not to be confused with the shrub version of Hibiscus -- the Rose-of-Sharon -- Rose Mallow is an easy-care and long-lived deciduous perennial you'll treasure!

Expect 'Cherry Cheesecake' to bloom from midsummer until fall. You will love its huge blooms and compact, tidy habit. Simply prune it back to about 3 to 5 inches from the ground in late winter or early spring each year, and it will reward you with more branches and blooms than ever! Give it a try this season! Zones 4 to 9. Cannot ship to AZ.