Sunny Dreams Blend - Pack of 10

Sunny Dreams Blend - Pack of 10

Unique Varieties for Incredible Color and Fragrance!


We are delighted to offer this one-of-a-kind spring-blooming bulb mix! In addition to the daffodils and tulips you would expect from a spring mix, Sunny Dreams offers two crown fritillaries, a very hard-to-find and usually quite expensive bulb that adds unbelievable texture to the garden. Put Sunny Dreams at the top of your list for absolutely unique spring color at a startling value!

In this pack of 10 bulbs you will find 4 Tulip Sweethearts, 4 Daffodil Martinettes, 1 Crown Fritillary Aurora, and 1 Persian Fritillary Ivory Bells. Beginning in earliy spring with the daffs and continuing into early summer with the fritillaries, you will see an incredible succession of glorious color, including many overlapping weeks of multiple varieties in bloom. Just give these bulbs sunshine and well-drained soil, and they will perform like you've never seen before!

Martinette leads the way, a fragrant jonquil daffodil with deep yellow-gold petals around a bright orange trumpet. Standing 14 to 16 inches high, it fills the early spring garden with sweet scent and bold color, welcoming another season of glory to your garden.

Before Martinette passes, it is joined by Sweetheart, a fosteriana tulip with very large, cup-shaped, ruffled blooms of lemon-yellow with arrows of white at the tips. This magnificent tulip stands 16 to 18 inches high -- just a whisker taller than the jonquil! -- and really withstands spring rainshowers and winds beautifully. Long-lasting and, of course, wonderful for the vase, this tulip carries the garden from mid-spring into late spring, when it is joined by the fritillaries.

Ivory Bells opens first of the two Fritillaria varieties. This is a Persian fritillary, very hard to find, with a long, triangular bloomscape of bell-shaped flowers! The blooms open lime-green and gradually mature to a rich ivory over their long period of flowering. Very rare and breathtaking! Expect this plant to reach 2 to 3 feet high, a sentinel in the spring bulb garden!

Before Ivory Bells has passed, it is joined by Aurora, a Crown Fritillary (F. imperialis) with a big tuft of reddish-orange blooms atop tall, thick stems that can reach nearly 5 feet high! Like all Crown Fritillaries, Aurora wears its flowers below its foliage, creating the "crown" of bright green leaves it is named for. Very long-lasting, it has a musky aroma (one of the common names is Stink Lily, but that's really an exaggeration!) and an attention-grabbing presence in the garden. Let it carry your bulb garden into summer!

There has never been a collection as exciting as Sunny Dreams, and we are thrilled to make it available to you this season. Reserve yours TODAY, because it's certain to sell out fast! Pack of 10. Zones 3-8 for Daffodil and Tulips, 4-8 for Fritillaria.