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87693-pk-6b.jpgSupremo Hybrid Tomato Plants - Pack of 6

Supremo Hybrid Tomato Plants - Pack of 6

Pack of 6
Item # 87693-PK-6B
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Extra-large fruit, blocky and deep red.

Superior disease resistance means big crops every time!
68 days. Determinate.

Introducing the best saladette (Roma) tomato for any climate -- hot, cold, or temperate! Supremo earns its name with every extra-large, blocky deep red fruit it sets. You're going to use it not only for sauces and canning, but as a go-to salad slicer!

Supremo is very heavy-bearing, and the fruit ranges from large to extra-large size. It holds well on the plant too, so even though this is a determinate variety (setting its crop all at once instead of repeating all season), you can stagger your harvest a bit if you like.

But the flavor is the best part. Firm yet juicy, very uniform and smooth, and rich in vitamins, Supremo is a taste treat fresh from the vine, canned, frozen, or sauced! And the disease resistance of this compact, early to midseason plant is unbeatable: it demonstrates superior resistance to fusarium wilt races 1-3, bacterial speck, root knot, and verticillium wilt, as well as good resistance to spotted wilt.

When the plants arrive, remove all packing material and set them in a shaded outdoor spot protected from strong winds. Water them thoroughly, until the water runs out the bottom of the container. Let them acclimate for a day or two, then plant them about 2 to 2½ feet apart in the garden. Watch out for late spring frosts, protecting them with a row cover or Kozy Coat if freezing weather is forecast. You'll fall in love with over-the-top productive Supremo! Pack of 6 plants.

Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Supremo Hybrid
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form Mild Zones and South 6-11 Begin Shipping 4/20/15
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