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Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid Tomato Plant
A Breakthrough in Cherry Tomatoes!

Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid Tomato Plant

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Smaller plants with bigger yields!

Huge yields of crack-free, yummy fruits on compact plants!
65 days to maturity from setting out transplants. ISI (intermediate short-internode). Our search for the Best Cherry Tomato in the World has come to an end. Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid is hands-down the finest for all kinds of good reasons:

1. It rarely cracks.

2. It grows on space-saving, manageable plants.

3. It yields HUGE numbers of fruit over a long season.

4. It has a great after-picking shelf life.

5. It is the sweetest, best-tasting Cherry Tomato ever!

We don't make this claim lightly. We've grown and tasted every Cherry Tomato we could get our hands on for many a year now, and Sweet Baby Girl is stem and shoulders above all others! The fruit is small -- about ? to 1 ounce -- and arises in big clusters on intermediate short internode vines. Now, what this means is that the vines keep producing all season, but the space between each cluster of fruit is much less than on traditional vines. In other words, you don't waste garden space, water, and food supporting a massive vine with widely spaced clusters of fruit! Sweet Baby Girl's vines just reach about 3 to 5 feet high and 2 feet wide, yet yield like nobody's business.

Just how much fruit can you expect from each plant? Well, in our gardens they each offered up TWO POUNDS OR MORE PER WEEK at the height of the season. That's a lot of ?-ounce fruits! And they've got good staying power after you pick them, too, so you won't be facing sackfuls of ripe Tomatoes to use up in a weekend!

But of course, all this talk of yields and size is secondary to the main thing, which is that Sweet Baby Girl is delicious. It was bred with extra sugars and a meatier, heartier flavor than others. You'll notice the difference in the first bite. And it looks spectacular -- the sort of perfectly red, uncracked Cherry Tomato that you don't see in home gardens (and should be highly suspicious of in supermarkets!). Don't worry, these fruits aren't those rock-hard, leather-skinned "tomatoes" commercial growers try to fob off on us! They're soft, yielding, and bursting with the fresh flavor that can only come from a home garden.

Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus races 0, 1, and 2, Sweet Baby Girl sets fruit in giant clusters, but we recommend picking them individually rather than as a bunch. You'll get each at the height of ripeness that way, and maximize your harvest. Believe me, these Cherries are so scrumptious you won't want to waste a single one!

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Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Variety Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid
Item Form Pack of 6
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