Super Myco Tea Compost Tea Alternative

Super Myco Tea Compost Tea Alternative

The Optimal Compost Tea -- with Beneficial Microbes!

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All we can say is, when you use Super Myco Tea on your flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs, better get the camera ready, because there will be COLOR! This all-natural, 100% organic compost tea helps break down biodegradable debris into usable soil that your plants will gobble up . . . and the results will be evident in each new bud and unfurling petal!

Super Myco Tea is a molasses-based compost tea alternative. It includes mycorrhizae fungi (natural soil microbes), and it's easy to use -- no mess, ready to go, and you really can't overfertilize with it. (We recommend one application per week during the bloom season of the plant.) It's even more effective if you use it with Kelp Blast. And if you follow this 4-step process for improving your soil, you'll grow the best garden of your life:

#1 - Protect seeds and young plants with Myco Blast, a blend of natural soil microbes which acts as a biological root inoculant, helping your plants' roots to absorb water and nutrition while enriching the soil. Just 3 applications at the start of the growth season jump-starts the healthy growth of your plants!

#2 - Nourish the soil with Soil Blast, a mix of all-natural soil probiotics that optimizes the nutrition available in the soil, increasing plant vigor. Use once a week throughout the growing season.

#3 - Maximize flowering with super myco tea.

#4 - Feed the garden all season long with Kelp Blast, a natural superfood made of sustainably harvested Norwegian Brown Kelp containing the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins which stimulate soil microbe growth, improving moisture-holding ability and aeration. Apply all season as a root drench and/or a foliar spray.

Super Myco Tea can make such a difference to the number, quality, and life of the blooms in your garden. OMRI-listed, it's organic and so good for the garden. Give it a try this garden on your favorite plants, and we predict you'll be applying it on the entire landscape by the third week!