Sylvestra Lettuce Seed Tape

Sylvestra Lettuce Seed Tape

Plant Neat, Straight Rows of Lettuce -- in Seconds!

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There has never been an easier way to sow and grow lettuce than with seed tapes, and Sylvestra is the lettuce you will want to savor -- every last leaf and head! This butterhead (Boston) variety from Germany is renowned for its disease and bolt resistance, its crisper bite, and its delicious flavor. Get your garden beds and best containers ready now!

Sylvestra sets big, heavy heads, tightly packed with pale green leaves boasting a soft cream center. Less leathery and chewy than most others, they have a crisper texture that keeps them fresher longer -- and the taste is far more succulent than others. It's a favorite of ours, and we think you will love it too.

To use these seed tapes with your Sylvestra lettuce seeds, simply lay the strips of paper (already embedded with seeds) down on top of smooth soil in full sun to light shade (or containers, of course!). Then rake or sprinkle about a half inch of soil on top of the tapes and water them in well. That's it -- in a few weeks you'll see evenly-spaced, healthy green shoots that need no thinning!

With the 15 feet of seed tape in this package, you will have a planting that looks like it was designed and grown by a professional -- in less time that it would take you to make all the holes in the soil, let alone drop the seeds in, cover them up, and then thin the seedlings a few weeks later! You will love the vigor and flavor of Sylvestra, ready in under 2 months and so yummy! For best harvest, sow every two weeks all season.

This package contains 15 feet of seed tape.