Tapestry Caladium - Pack of 5

Tapestry Caladium - Pack of 5

Larger, More Vigorous, and So Sun-tolerant!

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Tapestry has so many merits that we think it will become the "Caladium of choice" for anyone looking for a large, vigorous, sun-tolerant variety for garden or container. What good luck that in addition to all its good growing points, it's also beautifully tricolored!

The offspring of two well-known varieties -- White Christmas and Red Flash -- Tapestry comes by its many strengths honestly! First, it sprouts several days earlier than most others. Then it grows quickly and robustly to at least 22 inches high, with leaves a foot long and about 7 inches wide. Even the bulbs are bigger on this newcomer!

But the best part is, of course, the lovely display Tapestry makes. Each heart-shaped leaf sports rosy-red veins radiating out from a central midrib, generous dark green edging, and plenty of white spots and blotches in between. No two leaves will be identical, but all will be lush, substantial, and very sun-tolerant.

Bred by the University of Florida, Tapestry can hold its own in full sunshine in the north, partial shade south and west. You will love the architecture it gives to bed, border, and container!

Caladium is easy to grow and very rewarding. The only thing you can really do wrong is to plant the bulbs too early in spring; they need really warm soil, so wait until the garden soil feels pleasantly warm when you sink your index finger into it. Set them "upside down" -- the knobby side up! -- and before you know it, long, furled tendrils will shoot up, each opening to reveal a long, slender, ruffled leaf!

Tapestry forms a lush plant at least 22 inches tall. It remains attractive for many months, asking only to be dug up before the first hard frost and stored in a cool, dark location until next spring! Zones 9-11.