Taylors Perfection Camellia

Taylor's Perfection Camellia

Evergreen, Easy to Grow, and So Heavy-blooming!

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Add a new tradition to your holiday festivities beginning this season: admiring the blooms on the Camellia at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's! Taylor's Perfection is a splendid large shrub with semi-double blooms of soft pink, often outlined in a darker magenta tone, set against handsome dark evergreen foliage. For winter color just in time for the holidays, there's nothing better!

Taylor's Perfection reaches just about 6 to 8 feet high and wide in a decade's growth, so it's the ideal size for a hedge, privacy screen, foundation standout, or back-of-the-border beauty. Of course, it's so attractive that it also makes a fine specimen all by itself in a place of honor in the garden, too!

Well-branched and dense, Taylor's Perfection begins blooming about Thanksgiving in most climates, its tightly wrapped, plump buds opening into semi-double flowers of soft cotton-candy pink. Camellia used to be called Winter Rose, and these blooms will show you why: in their many-petaled soft beauty, they really do call to mind the glories of the summer rose garden!

The flowers continue through the New Year, but even after bloom, this evergreen shrub is stunning in the bleak winter garden. The foliage remains lush and richly colored, with no fall-off in early spring when new leaves arise among the old.

Taylor's Perfection was introduced in New Zealand in 1975, and has stood the test of time on many continents and climates since then! It was named for its breeder, J. Taylor, and we think the name says it all. Perfection, indeed!

Growing this shrub is quite simple. It thrives in acidic soils, but is adaptable. Mulch it in very well to keep the soil temperature and moisture levels as even as possible. It needs no pruning, but if you wish to shape it, do so right after the blooms pass, so that it will have time to set new buds before fall. That's really all there is to it: like most Camellias, Taylor's Perfection thrives in partial or dappled shade, a nice understory planting or the perfect choice for the north side of the house.

Popular in Asian themed gardens, Camellias symbolize fidelity and long life, so they make an excellent wedding or housewarming present. Taylor's Perfection is just an all-around delightful addition to any setting. Make it part of your garden this season! Zones 7-10.