Tenderette Bean Seeds

Tenderette Bean Seeds

Perfect Pods for Delicious Eating Every Time!

(P) Pkt of 100 seeds
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(M) 1/4 lb
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58 days from direct-sowing.

Here's a crop that looks as good as it tastes! Mild, very rich, and always succulent, Tenderette lives up to its name in flavor and exceeds your expectations in yields. Over a long summer season, it bears many armloads of uniformly straight, attractive pods perfect for canning or eating fresh.

This bush-form bean never needs staking, yet bears very abundantly on easy-to-harvest stems. The pods are straight, unblemished, and very consistent in size and shape, measuring about 5 inches long. Packed with flavorful white seeds, they are delectable right off the plant, and store well if frozen or canned.

Pick this crop all summer long. The 20-inch-tall plant is space-saving, and once the harvest is done, makes a fine addition to the compost pile or the tilled-under vegetable bed. Like all beans, it is a nitrogen fixer in the soil, improving the quality of future crops.

Direct-sow these seeds when the soil has warmed in spring and all danger of frost is past. Beans like plenty of sunshine and good drainage, but tolerate a wide variety of soil types. At planting time, sprinkle a bit of Nature's Aid into the soil along with the seeds, to increase the nitrogen-fixing ability of the soil. Space plants about 18 to 24 inches apart.