Build a Garden Bed with No Tools -- in Seconds Flat!

The M Brace Raised Bed Corner Supports

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Made in America!

This ingenious design fits any standard 2-inch wood.
If you've dreamed of creating raised beds but never had the hardware or carpentry skills to put together your own frame, the M Brace is the solution you've been looking for! Simple enough for a child to use, it assembles in seconds and lasts as long as you want it to!

These recycled steel garden joints have 2 braces, and the plank slips between the braces snugly. 13 inches high and 11 inches wide, the braces are large enough for you to stack 2 boards, gripping the edges firmly so they won't slip or warp. No nails, pegs, or other supports needed -- and when the season's over or you decide it's time for a new shape, just remove the boards and start over!

Attractive (with a pleasing curlicue design) and endlessly reusable, the M braces are made in America. They fit any standard cut wood (2 by 4s, 2 by 8s, etc.). Set of 4 corners.

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