The Plant Inn Coldframe and Shed

The Plant Inn Coldframe and Shed

Perfectly Portable Plant Protection!

The Plant Inn Coldframe and Shed Heavy-Duty Aluminum
Item # 32239
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Raised garden beds are all the rage, and this compact system is sure to please. Able to keep the youngest and most tender seedlings and plants safe from the weather and elements, this planter is perfect for patios and small gardens.

The planting area measures 24 1/2 inches deep and 26 inches in width, and has an effective irrigation system. The roof is hinged and opens at the front. It's convenient, easy to use, and protects plants from rain, cold, and UV rays. Not only this, but it can keep your plants well lit and warm as well. This kit also includes plant hangers for convenience and versatility. Additionally, underneath the planting tray resides an area for storage.

The frame is made of aluminum and easy to assemble, and is accompanied by a 5-year warranty.

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