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Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine

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Item # 87804-PK-6D
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Loves heat and humidity!

This climbing vine grows like Topsy and blooms all summer long!
Why can't all plants be as easy and rewarding as Blue Sky Vine), the flower-packed climbing vine for your sunny patio, deck, or fence? This charming sun-lover sets hundreds upon hundreds of large sky-blue blooms all summer long, asking nothing more than a bit of food and water and a support to show off its beauty!

The flowers are so lovely that even if this plant weren't so floriferous, it would be treasured for every bloom! 2 to 3 inches across, they're a watercolor-clear azure tinged with violet. Expect to see them in clusters of a half dozen or so ALL OVER this plant, flanked by leathery, heart-shaped dark green leaves (which remain evergreen if you're lucky enough to live in this tropical's hardiness range!).

Perfect for the patio trellis, deck, or anywhere you need bright coverage and plenty of it, this vine quickly reaches 18 to 25 feet high and 10 feet wide. Of course, if you're dealing with a much smaller space, you can keep it trimmed back to any desired size -- just cut it periodically during the spring and summer growth season. Gardening doesn't get much easier than this!

Give this plant good soil drainage and plenty of fertilizer throughout the growing season to really send the flowers popping, and water it well during dry spells. It can't get too much sunshine (though it will tolerate a bit of shade), and loves hot, humid weather (isn't it nice that SOMETHING does?). Zones 8-11, or grow as an annual elsewhere. Space plants 6 feet apart for a solid blanket of coverage.

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Genus 2 Thunbergia
Species grandiflora
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
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