Tidal Wave® Red Velour Petunia Seeds

Tidal Wave® Red Velour Petunia Seeds

Winner of Top American and European Awards!

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Cultivar name: 'PAS91421'

Say hello to a new superstar! Red Velour has nabbed every top seed award in the world, and now it is ready to sashay into your garden. This amazing Tidal Wave® Petunia is spreading, but it can also mound up and fill the available space like a champ. It's the tallest of the Wave family, and of course no other color has its rich intensity, its velvety darkness. Add to this a few of its other many merits -- it's fade-proof and highly resistant to Botrytis, just to name a couple -- and you can see why plant judges and gardeners are falling all over themselves to sing its praises! Join the chorus -- Red Velour is simply incredible!

These blooms are 2 to 2½ inches wide, with a dark red color that even the strongest summer sun can't bleach. They arise NONSTOP for months on end, new flowers opening above the old ones so the plant always looks fresh and new, even when it's been going strong all summer. All the Petunia Waves are bloom machines, but Red Velour has taken it to a whole new level!

And as a member of the Tidal Wave® group, this is a taller, bushier, more substantial plant than the other series in the family. Expect Red Velour to reach 16 to 22 inches tall -- even bigger in warm climates -- and to spread anywhere from 2½ to 5 feet wide. The difference is in how you choose to grow it: space the plants a foot apart to create a dense, flowering hedge, or 2 feet apart for a lower-growing but equally solid groundcover. You just can't lose with the Tidal Waves®, which are known as "hedgiflora" Petunias!

Of course, bedding is only one option for Red Velour. While it's NOT a hanging basket plant (too tall), it looks mighty fine in other containers, such as a windowbox (and it spreads to fill one, too!). Flowerpots, tubs, and other combo plantings in the container of your choice really perk up with a wall of solid wine-red as the backdrop or focal point! The possibilities are endless.

Red Velour has been awarded an All-America Selection as well as the prestigious Fleuroselect Gold Medal, the two highest honors a variety from seed can receive. We are very excited to welcome it into our garden for spring 2015, where it will join its fellow award-winning Tidal Wave®, Silver. The two pair nicely, standing up to everything from heat and humidity to periods of drought and daily late-afternoon rainfall. These are unbelievably resilient annuals, and they belong front and center wherever you need some hot color in the sun. Order quickly, please -- Red Velour is certain to sell out, particularly in the pelleted seed form that makes sowing it such a breeze! Pkt is 10 pelleted seeds.

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