Tomato and Pepper Tree

Tomato and Pepper Tree

Self-watering and Self-supporting!

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Put an end to fussing with cages, trellises, fences, and more when it comes to growing vegetables on vining plants! The Tomato and Pepper Tree is an all-in-one planter and plant support system that includes a reservoir for self-watering and three levels of risers and disks to hold up the big bounty of fruit all season. You will minimize crop loss and have much more fun gardening when you use this simple, effective planter for your tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, and more!

The planter portion of this tree is a deep, square structure with a reservoir in the base. It's easy to add food and water to this reservoir, so you not only keep plants hydrated during those hot, dry summer months, but you also give them the extra nutrients they need, right in their daily water. With the Tomato and Pepper Tree, the water wicks up as the plant needs it, making it impossible to over- or under-water.

As the plant grows, three risers and support disks can be attached, one at a time, to hold up the fruiting branches. This is especially important for tomatoes and heavy peppers, but even beans and peas need vertical support for their stems, and you will find that you yield bigger, healthier crops with the Tomato and Pepper Tree than previously.

At season's end, the Tree is easy to dismantle and hose clean, then store for next season. It is reusable for many, many years. And it's so much fun to see your plants grow and fruit with this planter, which can be placed anywhere you have sunshine!

The square planter measures 11 inches high and wide, and 8 inches in diameter. The 3 risers and disks add another 3 feet of height to the Tree. Plenty of room for fast-growing, productive veggies and other vining plants! Give it a try this season.