Tomato Barrel

Tomato Barrel

Grows Right Along with Your Tomatoes!

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Container vegetables are becoming increasingly popular to grow, but often they get out of hand in our planters. Stakes and other small supports are often not quite enough to hold up the big bounty of fruit, especially at the height of the season. That's why this all-in-one self-watering container with expandable trellis is such a fantastic innovation!

The container is quite large, so you can grow bigger plants with plenty of root space. And because the base of the planter is a reservoir for water, you can add all your plant food and other feed at one time, then let the plant take up the nutrients gradually. Even hot, dry climates are suitable for the Tomato Barrel; it has enough water in the bottom to keep thirsty fruiting plants happy during times when you can't be there to water.

As your plant grows and begins to need more support, simply extend the trellis in this planter. It reaches up to 4 feet high, and is ultra-sturdy, supporting even heavy vegetables and fruits. No fussing with cages, spirals, and other supports. It's all here, together, and it works as a unit!

This container stands 12 inches high and measures 14 inches in diameter, so you know it can hold a big, well-branched plant. The trellis extends another 48 inches straight up. Altogether, it weighs about 3 pounds, so it manages to be lightweight as well as strong. And when the tomatoes are in, grow cool-season vining crops in it instead, with sweet peas or other climbers for late fall to early winter. You can find year-round crops for this versatile, easy, efficient Tomato Barrel!