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Tomato Growers Test Kit
Take the Guesswork Out of Growing Your Best Tomato Crop EVER!

Tomato Grower's Test Kit

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Tests Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potash (K), and pH.

This season, know exactly what and how much fertilizer your tomatoes need to grow their very best. The ingenious little Tomato Grower's Test Kit is an inexpensive, easy, fast way to evaluate your soil and make amendments so that your tomato plants grow vigorously, bloom plentifully, and fruit like crazy!

Each color-coded pellet and matching test vial measures the level of one nutrient and shows you the results by color -- absolutely NO MATH or calculations needed! The instructions then recommend amendments for any out-of-balance nutrients. They even specify how much to add! It's like having an Extension Service expert analyze and correct your soil.

Inexpensive and very easy to use, this test kit will increase your tomato yields and simplify your gardening all season long. Also effective for other vegetables and flowering plants. Each kit contains 4 tests -- 1 of each nutrient.

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Additional Characteristics Fertilizer, Seed Starting, Soil Amendments, Soils, Tomato aids
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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