The tomato holder keeps the fruit from moving while you slice it along the pre-measured grid.

Tomato Holder

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Micro-thin Slices Every Time!

Works with Onions, Too!
If you have ever wished that you could slice a tomato or onion into the neat, even, thin segments found in restaurants, look no further than the Tomato Holder! This nifty little device holds your fruit in place while providing guides for your knife to slice as thin as one-eighth of an inch!

Holding tomatoes and onions up to about 3 inches in diameter, this easy-to-use tool fits around the edge of the fruit, holding it securely in place while you slice between the grids, which are spaced ⅛-inch apart. For larger slices, just skip every other grid. In seconds you have a neatly sliced onion or tomato, ready to go!

And the Tomato Holder is easy to clean, with a locking mechanism that keeps it safely closed for storage. Measuring 7¼ inches long, it's easy to hold and quite lightweight. You'll enjoy it for years to come!

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