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Tomatoes Just Don't Get Any Better than These!

Tomato Sampler Pack Annual Plant Collection

Pack of 6
Item # 87858-PK-6D
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The Perfect Half-dozen Tomato Plants You Need!

Contains 2 plants each of Park's Whopper, Beefy Boy, and Better Boy.
If you only have room for 6 tomato plants, look no further than this collection. In fact, even if you have room for 36 plants, just buy multiples of these varieties! These are 3 of the very best, including our own Park's Whopper (America's favorite tomato for decades now!), Park's Beefy Boy (the "contender" we put up against our own Whopper about 10 years ago, only to find that American gardeners loved and wanted them both!), and Better Boy, the beefsteak with incredible yields.

Park's Whopper is the all-around best tomato for American home gardens. Hands down. It's the one your grandparents grew, and they knew what they were doing. It's the one many new gardeners decide to begin with, because of its reputation but also because of its formidable package of disease resistances and tolerances. When you're starting out, you need all the help you can get. The Whopper gives you that with resistance to everything from green shoulders and cracking to nematodes, fusarium wilt, verticillium, and so on.

And you know what happens? Many of those new gardeners, who intended only to use the Whopper as a starting point for their tomato gardening careers, wind up growing it season after season, alongside all the newcomers they enjoy trying. Once you grow the Whopper for yourself, you'll see why. It's hard to pass up the big yields, the ease of culture, the sheer down-home dependability of this tomato plant.

Along with the Whopper, you get Park's Beefy Boy, which is a taste sensation. It's the only serious competition the Whopper has ever had, and it's definitely a flavor extravaganza. Meaty and bold, it's got that authentic tomato tang combined with a sweetness that is very pleasing. (Or should we say "addictive"?!) Like the Whopper, it's an indeterminate type, so it keeps bearing all season. The fruits are 12 to 16 ounces, and there are plenty of them to savor.

And finally, Better Boy is included. How can we dismiss the beefsteak that offers TWICE the yields of many others?! This classic variety sets juicy, tangy 9- to 12-oz. fruits by the dozen. It won an All-America Selection for its productivity, but you'll find that its flavor and ease of growth are pretty appealing, too.

In other words, this 6-pack of tomato plants contains the very best of the best, the season-long producers that never let you down and always turn out even better than you'd hoped. Don't miss out on them this season. Order today!

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Genus 2 Lycopersicon
Species esculentum
Item Form Pack of 6
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