Top Hit Hyacinth - Pack of 10

Top Hit Hyacinth - Pack of 10

Unusual Color, Magnificent Fragrance, and Easy Care

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This hrd-to-find two-toned Hyacinth puts on a glorious show of color and scent! The buds are a dark shade of violet, but the flowers open to light lavender. Their unusual color, magnificent fragrance, and easy care make them a true must-have! Top Hit is ideal for a variety of garden situations, but be sure to plant a few where you'll be able to enjoy their sweet perfume!

Strongly fragrant, easy-as-pie, endlessly beautiful Hyacinth is just made for the task of filling your best vases and sunniest garden spots with bold, long-lasting color and fresh sweet scent, and Top Hit is an exceptiional variety. The waxy petals and strong central bloomspike hold up well in rough weather, and last a long time in the vase.

Hyacinths were the darlings of the garden from the 16th century through Victorian times. Modern selections are limited, and growing these fine plants is a mark of distinction for any gardener. Yet they are very easy to grow in the garden or force indoors, and offer a strong sweet fragrance with a very generous bloom time.

You will find these Giant Dutch Hyacinth bulbs large and healthy, guaranteed to grow and bloom quickly from a prompt planting. Grow them in the sunny bed and border, in your best containers, and even suspended over a vase of water, letting the roots just touch the water and grow!

Hyacinth is a valuable addition to the spring garden, its fragrance filling the air among the lovely but scentless Tulips! The blooms are very long-lasting indoors or out, and the strong stems refuse to topple in April winds! Enjoy this easy, fragrant, and rewarding bulb. Zones 4-8.