Tree Moist Plus

Tree Moist Plus

Keep Your Christmas Tree Healthy Longer!

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Does your Christmas tree begin to drop needles and look hangdog before the presents are even open? Do the magnificent cherry, forsythia, and crabapple branches you cut in early spring for the vase give up the ghost far too soon? It's time to prolong the life of cut greenery with Tree Moist Plus!

This formula offers crystalline granules that absorb large amounts of water and then store it, releasing it only as the cut foliage needs moisture. This keeps Christmas trees and other indoor displays healthy and perky far longer -- and it's self-watering!

Best of all, Tree Moist Plus contains a preservative that extends the useful life of cut branches and foliage. Not only do your indoor displays stay fresh and hydrated, they get a longer lease on life from Tree Moist Plus!

These water-absorbing polymers are simple to use and so effective. Once you begin using Tree Moist Plus, you won't have to follow a rigid schedule of watering and feeding the holiday tree or other indoor greenery. You are going to be amazed at the difference this product makes! 2-oz. bag.