Keep Your Christmas Tree Healthy Longer!

Tree Moist Plus

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Slow-release Water and Preservatives for Cut Branches!

These granules absorb water, then release it as the plant needs it.
From the makers of our popular line of Soil Moist products comes this revolutionary self-watering and preserving formula for Christmas trees and other cut branches! Tree Moist™ Plus keeps your tree fresh and vibrant far longer by storing water in its crystal-like granules, which can then be released (along with a tree preservative) just when your tree or cut branch needs it most.

Tree Moist™ Plus is composed of water-absorbing polymers. Perfect for cut branches (such as forsythia and cherry in early spring) as well as Christmas trees, they extend the period of beauty you can expect from your indoor cuts. And they're so easy to use!

With Tree Moist™ Plus, you'll never have to worry about watering or feeding the Christmas tree and other cut branches. Give it a try this season and we're convinced you'll make it part of your regular planting process from now on! 2-oz. bag.

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