Trilogy Red Petunia Seeds

Trilogy Red Petunia Seeds

Earlier Blooms and More of 'em!

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Start the petunia season even earlier this year with Trilogy Red, a spreading variety that begins blooming in mid-spring from an indoor winter sowing, and then keeps going all summer and into fall! A spreading variety with 2½-inch blooms of pure watermelon-red, Trilogy is a new look as well as an even better than before performance for the annual bed and all your containers!

Winner of a 2015 All-America Selection as a bedding plant, Trilogy Red is also ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes, and flowerpots. it has a dome-shaped habit -- absolutely covered in blooms -- that can be mounded up or allowed to spread. Reaching 12 to 15 inches high, this plant is prepared to trail up to 3 feet long or wide!

But most of all, Trilogy is beautiful. Very heat tolerant, it bounces back quickly from summer rainstorms, won't give up in the hottest and driest days of August, and always looks fresh and new. The flowers are non-fading, and they drop from the plant when they are finished blooming, so you never have to deadhead. So easy!

Petunias are unrivalled for long-lasting color in the annual bed, patio containers, windowboxes, and hanging baskets. They bring in the butterflies with their clear, glowing blooms, and are quite low-maintenance. Start seeds indoors 5 to 6 weeks before the last frost date. Transplant into the sunny garden after danger of frost is past. Pkt is 10 pelleted seeds.

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