Tristan Strawberry

Tristan Strawberry

It Fruits! It Flowers! It's the Perfect Ornamental Edible!

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The world holds no other strawberry plant to equal the beauty of Tristan! Whether you grow it as an edible, an ornamental, or both, you will be in awe of its large rosy-pink blooms and generous production of sweet, delicious berries all summer long!

Compact and tidy with few to no runners, Tristan is perfect for containers of all kinds. Out of bloom it is just 6 to 8 inches high and wide, with big, bright green foliage nicely serrated and layered. In bloom, the lovely rosy-pink flowers add another few inches, arising on chartreuse stems that match their frilly central cones.

Not only are these blooms an unusual color for Strawberries, they are much larger and more abundant than those found on other varieties. It's as if a Strawberry plant had been crossed with an ornamental! The flowers begin in mid- to late spring and continue through the first weeks of summer, absolutely stealing the show on patio, porch, or whatever sunny place they occupy.

The berries begin immediately after the blooms, hanging down on long stems that make the perfect complement to the flowers above. Mid-sized for the strawberry family, they are nicely elongated and well-shaped. Sweet and juicy, these fruits are absolutely delicious for fresh eating as well as canning. And because Tristan is an everbearing type, they continue freely all summer!

Set Tristan among your patio tomatoes, blueberries, and flowering annuals. It looks beautiful even out of bloom, and makes a charming complement to veggies and flowering plants alike!