Tropical Canna Flower Seeds Collection

Tropical Canna Flower Seeds Collection

Blooms in Just 3 Months from Seed!

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Everyone's favorite for garden-size Cannas that bloom in no time, the Tropical Series is now available in 6 separate colors -- including exciting new bronze-leaf scarlet! All-America Selection winners for their compact size, large blooms, and ready flowering, these plants are standouts in the sunny garden.

The Tropical series is the first Canna from seed ready in just 90 days from sowing! They are hardy from zones 7 through 11, but can be grown as annuals north of their range. The plants reach 2½ feet tall, with brilliant 3- to 4-inch flowers of red, rose, salmon, white, or yellow. And now there's even a bronze-leaf variety with big scarlet blooms!

In this collection you'll receive one of each color, including new bronze-leaf, for a total of 6 packets. Save money and grow the Canna garden you've always dreamed of with this terrific collection of the All-America Selection winning variety!

Canna is the botanical name for Canna Lily and Indian Shot
Canna Germination Information

Canna Seed Germination How to Sow Canna:
  • After all danger of frost is past, sow outdoors where plants are to grow
  • For best results, sow indoors, covering the seeds with 4 times their thickness in soil
  • Maintain a temperature within the medium of 75-85° F
  • If the seed coats are nicked or filed and the seeds soaked in warm water for 48 hours
  • Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days
  • Blooms arrive in 3 months from sowing
  • When sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

How to Grow Canna:
Spacing: After danger of frost is past, space 18-24 inches apart

Soil: Keep the soil evenly moist and fertilize the plants regularly

Additional Care:  Taller varieties may require staking. In the north, dig up the rhizomes after frost and store them in peat, vermiculite or sand in dark, dry place, preferably with temperatures of 45-50° F for winter. In zones 7-10, mulch the plants for winter

Appearance and Use:

A long-time garden favorite in the South. Canna is at home in borders, background plantings, at pool side, or in containers. The blooms are also used in cut flower arrangements. Upright, rhizomatous plants, 2-7 feet tall and 12 inches wide, with 3- to 4- inch, gladiolas-like blooms of red, white, cream, yellow, or orange from July to frost. The blooms can be bicolored, bordered, spotted, or show marking on their throats. The soild green to bronze-red foliage has a glossy appearance for a tropical look. The leaves are leathery and sometimes have prominent veining

About Canna:
Pronunciation:  kan’-å
Lifecycle:  Perennial
Origination: Cannaceae; native to South and Central America
Common Names:Canna Lily and Indian Shot