Tuscany® Lavender Picotee Verbena Seeds

Tuscany® Lavender Picotee Verbena Seeds

Award-winning Colors on Nonstop Flowers!

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A dainty presence in garden and container, this compact, mounded Verbena is packed with more flower power than you might believe possible from such a neat little plant. Winner of Europe's top award for unique flower color and unbeatable bloom strength, it is now ready to regale your garden with the same show -- and it will do it from seed!

Tuscany® is a bloom machine, beginning in late spring, continuing through summer (no matter what the weather does!) and going well into fall -- up to frost in some areas! The flowers are small and very tightly, densely borne on big, rounded clusters above large, toothy green foliage. The buds may remind you of Pelargonium: a big spray of elongated buds that all open at about the same time to create a pompon of long-lasting color. And here each petal is outlined in darker purple, making the sheer number of flowers stand out even more!

A well-branched, bushy plant, Tuscany® Lavender Picotee reaches no more than 8 to 10 inches high, but will spread nearly 2 feet wide if given the space -- or stay smaller in containers, if that is what's available. It's a great choice for large plantings on slopes, banks, and other garden areas where you worry about soil erosion or have trouble getting other plants to root in. But it also makes a fine ornamental presence lolling over the sides of planters, baskets, window boxes, and tubs! And the sunny to partly shaded annual bed is its natural home, where it hugs the ground as a lovely foreground carpet to taller plants.

There has never been a purple-edged lavender Verbena, so clearly the time has come! Even the foliage of Tuscany® is good looking, with fresh green tones on dense branching. This is a plant that doesn't mind drought, stands up to heat and humidity, and serves as a siren call to hummingbirds throughout summer. Those little flowers each have a yellow-green center surrounded by a halo of white, like a bullseye for long, slender beaks to sip nectar!

For length and number of blooms, there is simply no outdoing Tuscany®. Find new places to tuck this little plant so that you can enjoy even more nosegays of fascinating two-tone color. The flower clusters make excellent cuts for a breakfast table bouquet!

Perennial in zones 7-10, this Verbena is fast-growing annual farther north, offering months of colorful coverage for all your challenging garden spots -- and lovely accents for basket, box, or tub! Packet is 25 seeds.