Variegated Solomons Seal

Variegated Solomon's Seal

Flowers, Fragrance, and Foliage Changes!

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Anyone lucky enough to grow Variegated Solomon's Seal in the shade garden knows the season-by-season merits of this lovely perennial. Named the Perennial Plant of 2013, it is a treasure to be appreciated over the lifetime of a garden, as it slowly spreads and naturalizes into magnificent colonies!

Spring begins with red-tinged new green leaves, large and pointed, with white edges that keep their variegation all year long. Soon each stem is graced with white bell-shaped blooms, held in a long line of pairs peeking out from beneath the foliage. Long-lasting and bright, they are sweetly fragrant.

By summer, the red tints in the foliage have turned green while the white margins remain, and the flowers have been replaced by tiny green berries. Variegated Solomon's Seal has now reached about 24 to 30 inches high and nearly 2 feet wide, really showing off in the shade border or woodland garden among the ferns, hostas, and astilbes.

With the cooler fall weather come more changes: the green berries ripen to violet-black, adding another element of color, and the fresh green leaves turn sunny yellow before dropping for winter. Truly a multi-season perennial, Variegated Solomon's Seal adds a new display almost every time you look at it!

This long-lived perennial spreads slowly over time by rhizomes, colonizing into great drifts. Although it is quite drought-tolerant when mature, it doesn't mind heavy or even wet soils, making it invaluable in garden trouble spots. It is the perfect choice for a rain garden, and is good at erosion control on slopes and banks.

We strongly urge you to add this beautiful perennial to your garden. Best in cool climates, it does not fare well where summers are long and hot. Everywhere else, however, it is a boon to the shade! Zones 4-8.