The 5-15-5 NPK ratio is safe and effective for all your veggies.

Vegetable Spikes (pack of 18)

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Perfect for All Veggies!

Great for tomatoes, peppers, cukes, corn, and more!
It's never been easier to grow a bumper crop of delicious vegetables in your own yard! This package of 18 Vegetable Spikes keeps your plants growing their best and bearing their heaviest all season long. And a single application is all it takes!

Forget scheduling biweekly feedings, finding special attachments for the hose, and all the rest of it -- with Vegetable Spikes, you simply push a slow-release spike into the soil near your veggie at planting time. Each time you water or it rains, a little more of the perfectly blended 5-15-5 nutrient mix is released, to be taken up by your plant's roots. No over- or underfeeding, no burning, no forgetting!

Vegetable Spikes are effective on all your vegetables, from tomatoes and peppers to corn, squash, eggplant, beans -- you name it, Vegetable Spikes will make it grow and produce better! And there's nothing to store or keep track of. Give them a go this season throughout the veggie patch! Pack of 18.

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Pack of 18
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