Verti-Plants® (set of 2)

Verti-Plants® (set of 2)

Turn that Wall or Fence into a Hanging Garden!

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Well, here's an idea whose time has definitely come! For all of us with too little garden space, a blank wall or fence adding nothing to the visual appeal of our landscape, or accessibility issues that make raised gardening a must, Verti-Plants® is a dream come true! Lightweight, durable, breathable, and drainable -- these flexible vertical planting pockets have it all!

Winner of England's 2015 Garden Retail Award, Verti-Plants® are superbly crafted for long service in the garden. Each Verti-Plant® is 20 inches high and 12 inches wide, with 3 stacked pockets. Each pocket, in turn, is divided in two, so you can put a total of 6 plants in a single Verti-Plant® hanging. This set of 2, therefore, has enough space for 12 plants. That's a lot of garden in very little space!

And the pockets are designed with plenty of root room. They are about 4 inches deep when filled with soil, and are designed to lean outward, letting foliage and flowers spill from the top over the sides. When you water the top pocket, the runoff filters down to the lower ones, as well as draining from the front. The lowest pocket is sealed at the base, to prevent compost from leaking out. The attention to detail is superb in this design -- no choked roots here, so spilled soil!

Verti-Plants affix securely to any wall or fence with screws. They have stainless-steel reinforced eyelets at both ends of the top and bottom of the fabric, so all you do is choose your location and drill in your screws to hold them in place! Of course, the fabric is washable if you ever want to remove and refresh it.

Verti-Plants® are ideal for all bedding plants, herbs, and trailing varieties of all kinds. They may be especially useful for lettuce, which can occupy the bottom pocket (benefitting from a bit of additional shade that way), strawberries, spreading petunias and pansies, nasturtiums, sweet peas, trailing rosemary, impatiens, and even container tomatoes. -- In other words, the choices are almost endless!

Give Verti-Plants® a try this season. We think you'll be delighted by their ease of care and attractive color. Next season, come back for more! Set of 2.